A+ Education and Proquest Education

A+ Education


Search #1  inquiry AND “guided learning”                      2 results

This points me to the fact that my search terms need revisiting. 


Search #2 “inquiry-based learning”  182 results

Results found and scanned over the first page of 30, displayed were highly relevant and even included results relevant to my searching for teaching inquiry-based learning in the primary science classroom without me asking for it.  There were also a couple of relevant articles discussing the question I have previously posed about teachers not teaching inquiry learning in the classroom, which are extremely interesting.


Search #3  “inquiry-based learning” AND (primary OR elementary) AND science   21 results

All 21 results were relevant.  See screenshot below. Very happy!  My search feels complete, here, almost suspiciously too easy.  Over to Proquest Education.    


Capture proquest 3   


 ProQuest Education

Search #1  inquiry AND “guided learning”            287 results

I’ll start by repeating the same searches I did in A+ education as a comparison.  This gave a fairly broad return of results which compare to Google Scholar.  These aren’t unexpected given the generality of the search terms used.


Search #2  “inquiry-based learning”                         2886 results

I was so pleasantly surprised with A+ Education, that I thought Proquest Education might have similar success.  It was certainly not the case with this search.  However, the functionality within Proquest which gives the searcher ‘related searches’ is very useful,  indicating a thorough thesaurus.  I selected ‘Science education AND inquiry method’, which retrieved 616 results of some relevancy.  I still need to narrow the search to primary or year 4 students. 


Search #3  Advanced Search                                            12 results

At this point of the search and perhaps because ProQuest is the last database I am investigating, I decide to try the Advance Search option in ProQuest.  See screenshot, below. I selected the following the following terms need to appear in the abstract inquiry AND (primary OR elementary) AND science AND Australia I admit that I have narrowed the search too much and that there is probably a case for over refining a search.  However, this over refinement produced an excellent article on teaching science in a virtual environment for the primary classroom and using an inquiry teaching/learning method.  A definite keeper, especially for teacher-librarians.  The 11th result, published in 1991, has me wondering just how long have researchers of Inquiry teaching been attempting to consolidate it’s use into the classroom.


Capture proquest

At this stage of the search journey, though there is more to discover, I feel it is time to move forward.  Getting bogged down can become this earthlings enemy.  Much has been learned , thus far on my voyage.  Searching with a map of the universe can produce some significant results when using known co-ordinates.  There is so much more of the unknown which needs mapping.  With learned search tools, this expedition will get easier.  However, there is much fun and learning to be gained from the unexpected.


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