I am an Information explorer cruising the universe for answers to important questions which I know I will need the answers to in a future time.  Time travel would be extremely useful at the moment.  This blog is an assessment piece for an Inquiry Learning subject I am participating in.  It explores one of the more important elements of teaching and working as a teacher-librarian, I believe.  That is teaching using guided inquiry.  I am a major advocate for this approach.   However, in my experience teaching and teachers do not use this method.  I am hoping to find the answers as to why and along the way figure out how to incorporate this important and significant method into work as a teacher-librarian.

Table of Contents

Module 3

1.  Analysis 

2.  Recommendations

3.  Final Reflections

Module 2

1. Description of ILA

2.  Methodology  

3.  Action Taken 

4.  Findings

Module 1

1.   Initial Post

2.  Expert Searching

3.  Using Expert Search Strategies (Includes YouTube Screencast)

4.  Searching in Google and Google Scholar

5.  Searching in A+ Education and ProQuest

6.  Essay – Why Not Inquiry Learning

7.  Annotated Bibliography – Tips and Tricks of the Trade

8.  Peer Feedback

9.  Final Post

Looking to the universe for answers

Looking to the universe for answers


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