Peer Feedback

Hi Deborah,

What a great essay. You had me at the first paragraph. I found your argument convincing and balanced. That is you haven’t ignored the against literature, but I think you have successfully argued the case against them. I also like the way you finish with a realistic message, being that there is a place for teacher directed facts, in the history strand. A great use of references and quotes. Well done. Plus I like your blog. It’s much wider than mine. Congrats.


Hi Joy,

Apologies. I’m a little bit late to be commenting and I can’t take my eyes off the flowers on your blog. First, I will say that I did have trouble locating your initial post, thinking that your initial search was the start of expert searching. I did go to your contents page to look but unfortunately the links aren’t working. Oh, and I love the Dr Seuss reference. I enjoyed your initial post, though I think you might be putting a bit of pressure on yourself. They’re big goals you are aiming for. But good on you for having the enthusiasm and passion to want to make such a difference at your school. Those flowers are most definitely stunning. Good luck with the rest of the modules.


Hi Vanessa,

I really enjoyed your essay. It is well thought out and you are showing thoughtful and insightful reflection. I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve worked in academic libraries, though it has been a while, but also thinking about my own experiences as a librarian and student, the ability of students and the desire of students to want to find some great information plus to know how to do it – there is definitely a big hole. And I expect you would see this a lot. I do wonder whether it is because tertiary students aren’t taught the fundamentals themselves. Actually, I don’t think it, I know it. It worries me that my 12 year old daughter has such trouble understanding at even a minimal level what to do or how to go about it, I think I would be happy if she just asked the right questions. Thanks for sharing. Good luck with the rest of your modules.



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